mission control

your mission: return better.
keep your core generator running at full strength with the resouces below.


Resources and videos for home workouts - mind & body


Resources for improving rest


Resources for unwinding and downtime


The 5th station


Resources to inspire your creativity

secret area

Congratulations! You've found an out of this world collection for extra curious explorers ☄️


Spaceship You was inspired by CGP Grey's video Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You.

As a long time CGP Grey fan, this video especially resonated with me and I wanted to create a site for fans to find and share resources. The aim is to help other space explorers acheive thier mission set out in the video with content collections to keep both the physical and mental states running while in lockdown.

Thank you for visiting. See you back on Earth soon! 🌎

Stock video: Space via Pexels
Mission control backgroud: CGP Grey
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